Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Top Reasons Why Business Should Use Social Media In Its Marketing Plan

Nowadays the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are more present in the day to day life of many people and every time more people look for information in the various social media networks. The sites allow you to share written text, photos and videos with people who follow your business's profile. When used consistently, social media helps you reach your current customers and potential clients quickly.We at Pravag Media think social media is very important, not only for the contact with existing customers but also for attracting potential new customers. Here are some reasons why you should consider using social media networks as part of the marketing strategy.


Most social networking sites are free to use. Including social networking in your business promotional plan allows you to stretch your advertising dollars further than usual. The money you allocate for promotions can go to other forms of advertising or to purchase prizes for social networking contests or promotions.


Social networking allows you to reach a wide audience. Consumers are increasingly reliant on technology and social media. By jumping into the social networking game, you keep your business current. Your business's online profiles are likely to reach people who otherwise wouldn't know about your company.


Social networking gives you a more personal connection with your customers. Traditional marketing campaigns miss out on the back-and-forth communication between your business and consumers. With sites such as Twitter and Facebook, consumers can interact with you and see more than just a business trying to sell something.


Social networking allows you to instantly send out information to your followers. Traditional marketing requires printing time and may only run a few times. You must plan out your marketing and promotions well in advance. With social media, you can post information immediately as the need arises.


Online marketing through social sites gives you more flexibility in the type of promotion you do. Regular communication keeps your customers thinking about your business. You can send out information on special deals, general information or tips about your industry, company information and contests. The informal nature of the sites allows you to share things you wouldn't with traditional print advertising.


Special promotions encourage customers to buy more from your business. The promotions give new customers a chance to try your products or services. For these promotional ideas to work effectively, you need to get the word out. Social networking allows you to share information about your promotions to a large audience.

Easier Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals from current, satisfied customers give you an option for gaining new clients. Technology makes it easier for your customers to share your information with their online friends and acquaintances. When your customers follow your profile online, they can refer it to their friends. When they post to your page or refer to your company, their friends see your information.

Increased Web Traffic

Your social networking profiles provide a tool for driving traffic to your company's main website. This is particularly beneficial for web-based companies who do most of their business virtually. Including your website address in your social networking profiles and mentioning it in your regular posts leads more people to visit it.


Social media aids in branding your company. The messages, photos and videos you post on your profile pages build an image of your company. Carefully planned posts that consistently carry the same tone and message build your company's brand.

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